Sunday, March 11, 2012

Opinion on Having Opinions

Just had a debate with a fan friend. She believes that a fan should support their idol unconditionally.

‘Respect and support his decisions when he chooses his next work
No matter where Kim Hyun Joong is, continue to protect, love and trust him.' 
- Keyeast 's Notice

In other words, fans ought to believe in his judgements and support his next work. Respect his choices regardless of whether we approve of it or not. However there is this hidden assumption that fans who voice out their disapproval are not respecting his choices and supporting his next work. This is an extremely unfair assumptions to the fans who continue to support him despite their disapproval.

Everyone thinks and feels. That's what makes us similar. But not everyone reacts in a particular way towards a particular issue. That's what makes us different. Such similarity and differences are what make us human beings and not robots.

Saying things like 'I 'll support him no matter what he chooses because that's his life.' Yes that 's being respectful.  But saying things like 'I think there 're better options but I 'll support him.' This is also being respectful. You don't have to agree with his choice to be respectful. But you have to respect that you do not own his life and that he has the right to choose. That is the difference between disapproving respectfully and being possessive.

Though I like to add something about choice. Indeed our lives are in our hands. We choose where we go. But the cruel reality is that the choice that we make does not always represent what we want to do the most. In fact sometimes the choice that we choose is actually what we can do. We have to choose one among the paths that we can walk. The better your circumstances, the wider the options. For those who follow their heart, they will choose the path that they will like to walk the most among the available options. Doing what you want doesn't always mean doing what you want to do the most.