Monday, October 10, 2011

My Thoughts on Mini-Album 'Lucky'

Kim Hyun Joong has released his 2nd mini-album 'Lucky' on digital music sites.
Do note that this is not a professional review, just some thoughts from a fan. My two cents worth.

1. Do You Like That
The mini-album starts with the upbeat 'Do You Like That' with the catchy phrase 'Do you like that, tell me did you like that'. But what makes this track stands out from other dance tracks is the bass solo. The bass that Hyun Joong put down to debut. The bass that he showcased during SS501's 1st concert in 2006 and the last time we seen him perform his bass was in 2008-3 years ago. I know that some fans have been waiting for him to one day pick up his bass again-that day has come! So I believe this bass solo means a lot to Hyun Joong fans. This track will be one of the most anticipated tracks that fans will like to see live.

2. Lucky Guy
The title track unfortunately is my least favourite track but I appreciate the transition from a monotone Break Down to a hyper Lucky Guy which showcases Hyun Joong's middle-upper register. Interested to see the choreography. 'Everybody move move your body'~

3. Smile
The slow tempo R&B track. Frankly I 'm quite surprised that Hyun Joong would ventured to R&B as I have never put R&B and him together but I'm glad that he experiments with different kinds of music.With Hyun Joong's smoothing voice, the track is sure to put you at ease. 'Girl, you made me smile'

4. I'm Your Man
The ballad track is my most favourite track. A song that guys will like to sing to confess their love to their lovers. A song that girls will like to hear their loves sing to them. I always think that Hyun Joong 's vocal skills are best showcased through ballads and this track is a perfect example. He does not need complicated background music, all he needs is a piano, and his vocals can be showcased. What really impresses me is his use of falsetto. During 'Love Like This', he struggled with falsetto. But now his technique has improved, his falsetto in this song is absolutely beautiful. A song that I 'll really like to see him perform live. 'I wanna wanna love you baby'.

5. U
The track written for the fans bound to be a favourite among the fans.

Overall, I love this mini-album much more than "Break Down''.
Make me not regret ordering more copies of 'Lucky'. In fact I feel like ordering more copies now. LOL
Really worth it!

I understand that some fans did not really enjoy 'Break Down'' but don't because of that, give 'Lucky' a miss.
Give 'Lucky' a chance, I'm sure you 'll find a song that you like.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

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