Sunday, January 2, 2011


1) Translations

This blog has the tendency to turn back time and post about past stuffs rather than up-to-date stuffs.
I must admit my laziness is one of the reasons especially when other bloggers have blogged about it.
So I tends to post things that seems like no one have post nor translate about it yet.
However I cannot keep track of what has been translated or not.
So I'm hoping that readers can send in requests of what you will like me to translate!
However I don't guarantee that I will accept all requests.

2) Picture Template

I'm also accepting picture templates to insert my translations.
See Caroline912's 16/08/2010 Fan Account for example.

How to contact me
1) Through Twitter @s2rene
2) Make comment in this blog
3) Email me
[The first one is my most preferred way cause I rarely check my emails =.=]

By the way, I love to read do comment...I won't bite (;


  1. I visit your blog everyday but always be a silent sorry !!!
    I've read everything you post before and really thankful abt it...
    You also like me, sometime we fell tired and sad bc our trying isn't supported...but, if you are trying your best for your's really priceless...
    So, do what you want and i will support you, no matter what...FIGHTING!!!^^
    (sorry if i have mistake bs my E is soooooooo bad..i'm trying to learn it but it seems really difficult for me..T_T )

  2. @Anonymous

    Thanks (:

    Actually I'm just extremely mad and annoyed
    so wanted to take a breather from this fandom.

    However my love towards KHJ remains the same.
    Probably when he's making his comeback, I'll return as well...hopefully as a stronger and better me. (;

  3. ah ya i will miss u, hope u will fine and hv great time, love ur blog