Friday, September 30, 2011

11th Message on HJ Official Site

Because wuri HJ is woojoosin(god of universe), some of things he say ain't easily understood by earthlings.
Therefore there 'll be various interpretations of his words. This is my favourite translation so far.


Chinese Translation:

English Translation:

Really busy recently so never leave message

Forgot my ID and password hence did not leave any messages

No matter what, these are excuses

Art and Matic sat down to eat their food

While recording, was really exhausted hence fell asleep and was photographed by manager.

Finally the first copy of the 2nd album is in my hand.

Cannot leak...^^ Hurry hide it in safety locker hehe

The safety locker only has my limited edition CD and the first copy of my first album.

People with evil thoughts, please don't loiter around my house

Finally completed the production of my 2nd album

See ya on the best stage on 20 October

Don't anticipate ten thousand, but ten thousand

Want the cost of 3 cups of coffee, understand???

 The cost of 1 packet of ramen, understand???

Gonna shoot the MV tomorrow, please anticipate handsome MV ^^

Because the shooting of MV starts at tomorrow's midnight so if watch a movie will fall asleep

While waiting for 20th, everyone be careful of flu and recharge your energies 

undergo 3 weeks of promotions ^^;;;;

Played for a while, thanks for giving intangible support when I'm exhausted ^^

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