Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CF Love Calls


Kim Hyun Joong is over the moon because of the pouring CF love calls.

He won recognition as a solo singer since his two recently released mini albums topped various music charts, ranking No. 5 on the World album chart, No.1 on the Biggest jump of American billboard chart and No.1 on the Oricon Important chart.

His activities after his first official solo album release also drew public’s expectation as he actually topped Oricon chart even beating Beyonce and Lady Gaga with the mini album ‘Break Down’

These explosive attention for Kim Hyun Joong continued in the advertising field. Truly the most powerful ’Ad king’, Kim Hyun Joong signed contracts with many brands of cosmetics, clothes, jewelries, snacks, aesthetics and etc. He is also currently having negotiations with brands of alcohol, appliances, and restaurants for advertising contracts.

1 comment:

  1. I would be soooo happy if he gets more CFs for the new year. He seriously needs to get more CFs to increase public exposure, and earn money. I wonder why he doesn't endorse more brands. He doesn't like to earn money (only like to donate to charity and give away), or it is the management company's strategy, or he doesn't like the constraints of promoting for a brand(isn't TFS enough of a constraint)? Anyway, please sign more endorsement contracts next year Hyun Joong ah.
    I do think this article is a bit exaggerated (did the writer get paid to write?). what CF king? currently he only has like 3 endorsements in Korea (TFS, Lotte, Seoul ambassador) and 1 in Japan (Heatfact). That isn't a lot. True CF king and queen like LSG, SNSD, IU each has around 14 - 20 CFs in a year.