Sunday, February 6, 2011

13/03 Playful Kiss NHK Hall Fanmeeting

Source: Miclub

There're two sessions for Playful Kiss NHK Hall Fanmeeting on 13rd March.
Tickets have been SOLD OUT!

Since NHK Hall has a capacity of 4100 seats.
So two sessions mean 8200 tickets.
All sold out!


  1. wow...really...i think still have many ppl didn't get a ticket...can't wait too see him on 13rdMarch...aigoo,such a long long time T_T
    thank you for sharing this good news!!! ^_^

  2. You're attending the fanmmeeting?!
    Don't take your eyes off him XD
    Afterall this could be his only event
    before his comeback *sighs* T_T