Monday, February 14, 2011


Because this is my blog, I can post whatever I want to
Because twitlonger is not working for me
Because I don't want to flood my Twitter
Because I need to get these words out of my chest
Because I have to give reasons to why I'm typing this here

I remember when I first became a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.
He was starring in 'We Got Married'.
I remember back then after every episode aired,
he was met with criticisms.
I remember hoping that he could treat Hwang Bo better
so that he won't get criticised anymore.
But after a while, I stopped thinking this way.

Why must he mold himself into the person
some people would like him to be?
Why can't he be himself?
Do what his heart tells him to do?

Now that 'We Got Married' is over,
some people hope that he will marry Hwang Bo in real life.
He should do it so that these group of people will be pleased?

Why did I bring this up?
Because the situation in the fandom is like We Got Married deja vu.

When he fails to do something that you would want him to do,
you get disappointed in him.
And you 've forgotten all the things that he had done.

Yes, I don't go by the name of 'Triple S'.
I go by the name of Kim Hyun Joong fan.
Yes, I don't show much concern compared to the Triple S
whether he keeps contact with the other members.
But his simple act of just going to watch Xiah Junsu's musical
had caused so much noises that I can't ignore anymore.

Have you see the reactions of JYJ fans'? They're singing praises of him.
A true friend is someone who supports in times of needs.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry that the non-fans think he's loyal
while people who call themselves fans question his loyalty.
People who have excellent memory of what he did not do
while suffers from memory loss of what he has done
Then if SS501 fails to make a comeback,
shoot a cannonball at Kim Hyun Joong.
Because he's the leader.
Because he's too busy.
Because he has drifted away from the other members.

You question with a million 'why?'
Let's turn the table around and I ask
Why the cannon is always aimed at his direction?


  1. Rene,
    I share similar thoughts like you. Me absolutely agree with you. I'm not a TS but just a fan of Hyun Joong only. I ain't bothered at all about the rest of the boys or the lack of contact between him and them. Both hands are needed to clap! Hyun Joong is his own person and I'm very glad that he do not let fans,the media or anyone else dictate him. He does not need to "guard" them for they are big boys and have to take charge of their own destiny!

    Once a again, a WONDERFUL well written piece!
    Thank you!


  2. Rene,

    I agree with you 100%... Why the cannon is always aimed at his direction?
    Why is he always the one who take all responsibilities? It's a group of 5 aldults. It's not fair when you ask of him all the time. I remember during the Playful Kiss shooting I didn't hear or read news about the other members's support, and even not from TripleS. They don't have the right to criticise him!
    Just leave him alone and let him be himself!


  3. I always ask that same question. Why? Why always him? I can understand if people bash him for doing something bad. But he's bashed for NOT doing something, something that people think is what he's supposed to do. How can they be so sure that he didnt attend Baby's musical? even if he didnt come does that mean he didnt support Baby? does their 5 years of togetherness means nothing anymore? I bet if it's the other members no one will bash him and they will come up with an excuse. Sigh.

    He has his own life. He doesnt need to prove anything, or be told what to do. And I'm proud to be a fan of him who always be himself and do what he wants to do, not what others want.

  4. Well said, s2rene, I agree with you...but initially when I read those comments about Leader showing up at the Junsu's musical. I just laughed it off, so what else is here we go once again...I felt better just to shrug it off and I am no longer affected by these comments. There have been so many in the past, Baby's birthday, Baby being ignored when he congratulated Leader at the Asian games, Baby's musical why is it always baby though. How come I don't read any comments from other SS501 members? I have endured so many other controversies in the past, like the Guangzhou Asian games, the ratings of Playful Kiss, Leader missing the Taiwan PK promo tour, the worst is the Yahoo Buzz Awards. That I was able to overcome but I really felt so bad about it because so many sacrifices were done by so many fans...But I can totally ignore this nonsense comments from some TS fans again...

  5. Hi s2rene, I miss your translations, maybe you can do another one. I always enjoyed fan accounts for Leader...^^

  6. The criticism helped him mature.I've seen it for a year.I hope and lost hope, but I never lost confidence in him.His fan's true who will not require him. Love by heart, notby mouth.He used to say ,"one day,the truth will be clear" - mess 19/1- Kim Hyun Joong

  7. Totally agree with you, 100%! And very tired with the same old, same old... Whatever! As long as he's happy and healthy, we, his fans, are totally content! KHJ Hwaiting!!!

  8. @Anonymous 9:34pm

    LoveKHJ had already translated that fan account! Go check it out! ;)

  9. I think Hyun Joong is the only artist who gets bashing by his fans. - Jane