Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drama News [Version B]


On the 30th, a representative of Kim Hyun Joong's management company Keyeast expresses 'He has received the offer to act as the male lead in Chosun TV 'Speed', however he has not confirmed to act in it. It is just one of the currently discussing projects.

At the 2011 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) in Singapore on the 29th, Kim Hyun Joong expressed 'Although not formally announced and if there's no delay, the next drama will be broadcast in April.'

In addition, the representative also said 'There're a lot of offers from dramas and movies, Kim Hyun Joong is painstakingly making a decision.'


  1. upset...I wish he he won't accept this drama but it seems true already...Isn't it a common game in the drama land that rumor comes out first, then a round of "denial/not confirm/is seriously considering" statement from the artist agency to gain public interest/promotion, then finally the artist really act in the rumored drama. this has been so common that once rumors are out esp on the news, it's almost confirmed.
    I just hope this time it isn't true. Someone please prove me wrong. I will pray hard and vow to stop eating my favorite snack if Kim Hyun Joong doesn't choose this drama and choose another real good drama, please God, can you hear me?
    And, thank you very much for translating news about his drama and your cute fan account!

  2. Why you suggest him not to tke this drama?? Is the story not goof?

  3. Anonymous 4:18pm What is wrong, why have a very negative reaction? We should always wish all the best and have good vibes for our Kim Hyun Joong.