Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Short Fan Account for MAMA

When you walked out of the MRT, you can see people selling lightsticks.
I was slightly sad because there's no green lightsticks.
(Though someone started selling them later)
But fortunately Perfect & LoveKhj gave out FREE green lightstick and balloons.
I think our fandom was the only one who gave free stuffs ^^

I was at pen a while the artists were sitting behind pen b T-T
The crowd cheered whenever the screen was on one of the artists who was watching the performance on stage.When the screen was on Kim Hyun Joong, the crowd cheered and you can see Kim Hyun Joong's smile going wider as the crowd's cheer went louder. Haha XD

Before the winner of the 'Best Male Solo Singer' was read out, the crowd was chanting 'Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!'

 'Didn't expect to win this award this fast, I will work even harder to live up to this award' -Kim Hyun Joong

Really proud of Hyun Joong. From the boy who cried while receiving the Best Newcomer Award to stammering while receiving his first solo Popularity award to the man who calmly gave his acceptance speech last night. The yell 'kamsahamnida' makes me remember his acceptance speech at Baeksang in 2009. He has grown from a boy to a man but he's still him, he's still Kim Hyun Joong. He has climbed mountains to get to where he is today and now he's going to climb higher mountains to get closer to reaching the universe.

During Kim Hyun Joong's Lucky Guy, the male fan behind me was screaming the chorus =.='
After the performance, while walking backstage, I think he almost slipped >.<'

Okay, that's the end of my short fan account haha (:

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