Monday, December 27, 2010

Angel on Earth Part 2

 <Listen to the angel sing>
That day was extremely lucky. As we were unfamiliar with the Philippines, we got the help of the Philippines fans to send us back to the hotel and the stadium.

Even luckier, we met Hong Kong fan Suki and her friends in the stadium. They were at the first row. Originally my seat was in the 11st row, they were very kind-hearted to allow me to squeeze along with them. Touched. Feels like we
re family.
It didnt matter when Hyun Joong would be coming out, nor what outfit he would be wearing, what songs he would be singing. What is important is that whenever he was shining on stage, hes the stages most sensation star. Everyone was screaming his name in unison.

After his finale of 3 songs, everyone sang [Heal the World]. He stood on the furthest, tallest steps of the stage. He was not as visible as the other performers who stood in front of the stage. Furthermore in the beginning he did not have a microphone. However he stood there silently on stage with a sweet smile on his face, self-highing with the children and the back-up dancers.
Mid-way through the song, someone handled him the microphone. Suddenly he sang a few high voice parts. Loud and explosive sounds provoked screams from the audience. Although he stood at a low profile position, seems like he was still able to get hold of the audiences attention.

Even if it was just a short few minutes, his uniqueness was still fully shown. The little children stood stiffly on the stage. He would bend down curiously to see why they were so wooden. When someone did a dance move, he was startled as it woke him up for the world he was immersed in. [Watch the video for more details] There were just more odd things.

However his thoughtfulness is still the same as usual, when it was time to leave the stage, like a kindergarten teacher, he would signal to the children to remind them the direction to leave the stage.
Lastly, when he waved goodbye, my feelings followed him as he left the stage-disappointed as I thought that this could be the last time I see him for this Philippines trip. Sighsstill the phrase: Yearning is not when we have yet to meet but its the moment when we meet each other.

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