Thursday, December 30, 2010

On upcoming projects...

1) Caroline912's August 2010 Fan Account

I had recommened this fan account in Twitter back in August.
I had said that if no one translate it, I will translate it.
Seems like no one has yet to translate it so this is my current project.
The author gave me permission to translate whatever portion I want to translate 
as the fan account is very long (<15k words).
So I won't be translating small things like her journey to South Korea etc.
Save myself from translating and the readers from reading such a long fan account XD

I'm making a steak for you.
It's up to you whether you want to eat it,
how you think about the taste.
Better than giving you half a steak only,
to test your reactions
Or worse not giving you at all.

2) Turning back time

I have been translating past fan accounts. I intend to translate past messages and upload past clips etc.

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  1. Thank you rene for translating into English fan accounts. Understand that it ain't easy to do this. So really appreciate all the hardwork. Happy New Year!