Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angel on Earth Part 3

By: Rella
Translator: s2rene
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PART 3】《I locked the angel outside the door

Every time I attend his activities, I would stay in the same hotel as him in hope of having more opportunities to meet. However after being his fan for 2 years plus, other than in Shanghai where after waiting, I met him twice at the hotel
s entrance, frankly speaking such hotel arrangements did not bring me any chance encounters.  Cant blame heaven, can only blame myself for being sub-consciously rather undisciplined and superstitious in believing in fate. Was not very diligent to walk around the fitness room or the restaurant hence whenever I hear about another fans chance encounters in the hotel, I would die of envy and vexation. However that night, when my fate arrived, I locked him outside the door
My roommate Cat is really fated with Hyun Joong, always manage to meet him in the hotel. Hence maybe my luck started because I was with her. That night we went back to the hotel then went to take luggage from a friends room downstairs. We waited for the lift to reach the 15th floor. The door opened-DSPs sweater manager!! He looked at us from head to toe, very gentlemanly continued to press the openbutton. Seeing that we were not moving, he motioned for us to come in. Even though I had changed into a white dress, I think that he might still remember us from school (Since we are foreigners, we stand out from the crowd). Moreover the cameras hanging on our necks definitely revealed our identify as fans. Pride told us not to awkwardly share the same lift with someone who had rejected us. We politely motioned him to go first. However when the lifts door closed, I immediately regretted. The floor that he went might very possibly be Hyun Joongs floor!! Why didnt I deliberately press the top floor to walk with him???

Suddenly, fans' fanatic screams could be heard from upstairs. Experience tells me that Hyun Joong could be going out for supper?? We were very dizzy and decided to go to the 12th which the sweater manager stopped at to see our luck. *Sighs* Really regretted. Can pride fill our stomach =  =?  Who knows when the door opens, just nice can see Hyun Joong. When we go up now, Hyun Joong might had already entered the lift to go down with the fans screaming.

Lift came. Inside was empty. Alright, I shall just hallucinate that he was inside. Rather disappointedly entered the lift. No more sounds could be heard from upstairs. We all felt that there were no more chances left. Disappointed and after chasing for 1 whole day, I had no energy left. Pressed the 12th floor button restlessly. Door openedsilenceOnly can feel that someone rapidly entered and left. I looked at Cat and said No one entered right? Then lets go' . Hence I pressed the close button.

Cat said calmly and expressionlessly that just now the person who entered was Hyun Joong Oh my god!!! Hyun Joong?? JUST NOW???!!! Cat was way too calm = =..She said that Hyun Joong got in, saw that we were inside, then the bodyguard outside told him to come out and you closed the door =  = Oh my god!!! Why did I just stared at the lifts buttons!!! Immediately opened the door, as I leaned forward, I feel that someone wearing black flashed to the right and the bodyguard came forward and blocked me. I asked Cat, Was that Hyun Joong? Really its him?? No one ar…’Cat replied, Its really him. He s now hiding beside the lift. Looking at the firmed eyes outside the door, I calmly pressed the close button and the 15th floor button again. YesI gave upJust 50 metres of distance. I know that if I just dashed out, even if the bodyguards stopped me, I would still be able to see him but then I would scared him. I did not want to do such embarrassing thing. Miss then miss. At least this time when he entered the lift, I had left oxygen for him

Cat described to me that he just dashed into the lift, only realised that there were people inside the lift when she was just 20 metres in front him. She stared at him. He did not wear any makeup. Very different from what we saw on stage. Very big boy. This was also her first time seeing his raw face from such a close distance. As it was too quick, did not see clearly what he was wearing. This boyheard numerous lift encountershe always just dashed into the lift like this
Cat said that every time she chased after Hyun Joong, as long as she does kind deeds, there will be good resultsshes right!!! I also met the right person!!!

My brain cells immediately became alert. So this means that he has yet to go out? Unwilling to give up, I suggested that we go to the first floor to take a look. We left our luggage and ran to the lift.  Saw a bodyguard at the 15th floors lift lobby. He looked at us cautiously but did not have enough time to figure out as 4-5 bodyguards walked out from the lift. Then!!!
Kim Hyun Joong!!!!! Walked out too!!!! So his aim was not supper but our floor!!!!!

The rooms are on both sides of the lift lobby. To avoid arousing suspicion, we hurriedly ran towards his opposite direction. However we could not open the rooms door. Looked up, wrong room number!!! So our room is on the same side as him!!! Hence we confidently and excited walk towards hi direction. The bodyguards stopped us but let go after looking at our door card.
Ahhhh saw the door the bodyguards were guarding!!! Just a room away from ours!!!

That night, their laughters could be heard till 2am. Occasionally bold and loud laughters could be heard. His classic laughters. It's his!!! Yup!

Suddenly met him without any anticipation. He immediately looked at our direction. Maybe Cats continuous appearance amazed him =  =? Or maybe my white dress is really eye-catching =  =?
My heart stopped beatingin my subconscious softly and sillily said It s Hyun Joong…’
His hair was rather fluffy as if he just washed and blow dry it. Clean face. Light honey skin. Black sports t-shirt. Bluish-grey loose big shorts. Hes the cool and handsome big boy staying at the 15th floor!!!

We agreed that he is really a magical kid. With that outfit, he looked much younger than on stage!! Like a teenager

We need not go anywhere else, rapidly went back to our room. Staying at the same floor as him is a wonderful thing

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