Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Recruitment of Kim Hyun Joong Official Fanclub Henecia

Chinese Translation: 彭彭@ Magic 贤
English Translation:

2011 Henecia Membership Service
-Membership period: June 6th 2011 - 5th June 2012
-Will receive a membership card
-Opportunities to take part in official fanclub activities
(Fan meeting, birthday party etc)
-Given top priority for public filming
-Given the right to purchase the tickets to concert first

Application Period: 2 May 2011 - 8 May

Transfer Information
-Bank Name: Korea Exchange Bank
-Account Holder: SHIN PIL SOON (HENECIA)
Account number : 611-020751-858
-Address : 181, 2-Ka, Eulji-Ro, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Korea
-Tel : 82-2-3444-5588

*Please add your ID( beside your transfer name
when transferring

Confirm Transfer Email
-Email Title: [Confirm Transfer]Name/ ID/ Transfer Date

Content of the Email
1) Name :
2) ID :
3) Transfer Date:
4) Transfer Timing:
5) Transfer Bank:
6) Country:
7) Address(Include postal code): In English
8) Date of Birth:
9) Contact number(Home or handphone number): (Country code-Region code-number)

*Must include your postal code
*Please use English to key in your address and country
*We're not responsible if you key in wrong information and denied of membership

Application for overseas
-Requirement : Member of Kim Hyun Joong Official Site
-Countries & regions applicable to join: America, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam
-Membership Fee: America-38 000 Korean Won, Others-30 000 Korean Won

*The higher cost of delivery to overseas has been taken into considerable for the overseas membership fee
*Due to certain reasons, international delivery cannot be send to certain country and regions hence are omitted. Please understand.

Things to Take Note
-Only member of can join the official fanclub Henecia
-Your information of the official site should be the same as the information of your confirm transfer email
(*Not responsible if your membership is unsuccessful due to the difference in information)
-Those under 14, please include your parents' agreement letter as well as health insurance in your confirm transfer email
-The transfer of the membership fee should be send within the given period of time, late transfers will be refunded and denied of membership
-Support internet banking, phone banking, all kinds of banking. Please keep your transfer information confidental.
-Please note that once transferred, cannot be refunded.
-Membership card can only be used by the person, cannot be transferred nor sell.


  1. HOW COME INDONESIA IS NOT INCLUDED???? to be member?? why?? Please give us info....thanks

  2. ^ Thank you very much for your comment. Due to this, I went and check again and realise I have made a mistake in translation. Indonesia is included. India is not. Sorry for causing any confusion.

  3. Ooohh....thanks God!, what a relief!!
    Thanks for correction

  4. Europe not included?? Why? ;___;

  5. Why arent other countries included??