Monday, May 9, 2011

Translations of Kim Hyun Joong's Interview with Children

Chinese Translation: 彭彭@Magic0606
English Translation:

Child Question 1
I’m Han Tai Han from Korean E/V School
I don’t really like people telling me that I’m pretty
If other people say you’re good looking, what will Hyung do?

Kim Hyun Joong Answer 1
Okay, you said that you don’t really like people saying that you’re pretty right
I also seemed to frequently hear people saying that I’m good-looking
But there was also this period of time
(I) like to hear people saying that I’m handsome
Rather than hearing people saying that I’m ugly
Isn’t better to said to be handsome right?

Child Question 2
I’m Qian Ya Ying studying in Sapphire Kindergarden
Oppa, why do you act only?
Not going to sing lately?

Kim Hyun Joong Answer 2
As for acting, up to now I have only acted in two dramas
As for singing, I’ll be making a comeback in May or June
(I) will let everyone see my singing side.
So next time don’t ask why I’m only acting but singing again  
I ‘ll do my job well

Child Question 3
Hello! I’m Yoon Jae Jun from Moon Village Primary School Grade 1 Class 2
Hyung, the 9 multiplication sets are too difficult already
What should I do if I want to memorize the multiplication sets well?

Kim Hyun Joong Answer 3
(They) all said must change the 9 multiplication sets into something unlike multiplication sets
When I was young, my mother used to sing this song to me
1 1 get 1 , 2 2 get 4
Isn’t there such a song?
Download it and keep listening to it on MP3
(You) will get better in it

Child Question 4
Hello I’m Yoon Jae Yeon from Seoul Yue Village Year 3 Class 2
I want to dye my hair but my mother disagrees
Hyung when did you start to dye your hair?

Kim Hyun Joong Answer 4
I started dying my hair since young
I’m 26 now
If I only started dying my hair now, wouldn’t it be a little embarrassing?
So when still young, got the permission of my mother
If disagree, then no choice
Isn’t it better to at least try to dye your hair once?

(Same Child ) Question 5
I like Park Ji Sung
Hyun Joong Hyung, who is your favourite soccer player?

Kim Hyun Joong Answer 5
You want to become a soccer player right?
Similar to the other Koreans
I also like Park Ji Sung
We shall keep on liking him


  1. rene, thanks for the translation of the video, it sure nice of him to answer the kids questions, and I love all his answers. cute and very good answers. kids will definitely obey what he says, he's an idol. hehehe!

  2. thank you, you just don't know how much we appreciate for making us understand what Leader is saying.thanks again.

  3. It makes me really happy that I can know what Hyunjoong oppa says, kamsahamnida