Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hyun Joong Official Site is Hacked

[Just thought that I should do a post on it to alert fans who weren't around when this happened.]

On the 7th of May, there was a notice about becoming official members of Henecian with a change in account number from the previous notice. There was also a schedule about an official fan meeting with the official members of Henecians in Jeju this coming June.

Screenshot by DC KHJ

Keyeast's CEO then updated his Twitter about the hacking

I suggest fans not to do their fund transfer for the time being.


If you 're a victim of the spam, please email about it


  1. This looks like the work of antis and who else could I think of...before December Korean fandom seemed less chaotic until suddenly a new previously unknown Korean star came out all of sudden...This is so desperate, why would some fans go thru such extent?

  2. @Anonymous .. I understand what you mean. He is certainly a target coz of his popularity and value.. Guess someone thought they would cash a lot from Kim Hyun Joong.. Certainly the attention on him not small.. They even targeted the Yahoo Buzz.. And now this.. Keyeast should take more effort to protect his interest..

  3. ^ eh let's not make assumptions without evidences =.=