Sunday, March 13, 2011


Source: Samhung @ Weibo
English Translation: s2rene
Location: Some Ramen Shop in S.Korea where customers can post their messages
The author went back to this ramen shop and took a picture of his previous message left at the shop.

'Kim Hyun Joong,
My wife likes you very much,
please travel more often to other parts of the world to perform,
now my wife keeps asking me to come to South Korea,
I'm gonna be bored to death.
Fan's husband
Hong Kong'


  1. Me find this hubby very cute, supportive and understanding!


  2. most of wife will LOVE more if He (Husband)
    can understand his Wife MIND as a fansgirl....
    hahhahahs sorry maybe my ENGLISH is not good speak out....l o p h y a a a a a a