Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Search for Kim Hyun Joong on Korean Websites

There are 3 search portals in South Korea.
These are where you can find his news.

So how to search for Kim Hyun Joong?
1) The Classic 'Copy & Paste' 김현중
2) The Magic Word 'rlaguswnd'
Enter either one into the searchbar

There're many 김현중 in South Korea but I'm sure everyone can find our 김현중 by the profile picture.

Knowing how to search not only helps you to find his news but also his songs page in digital sites.

For example: Mnet

Type in the magic word in the searchbar and his name in hangul will come out.
Be familar with how his name in hangul looks like.
Then you won't be lost (;

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