Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miclub KHJ Gifts for Kim Hyun Joong's First Solo Album Part 1

Photos by Miclub KHJ

1) Headphone SHURE SE535

2)  Campanulaceae Drink-To Protect Vocal Chords

3) Red GinSeng-For Good Health/Stamina

4) Towels-Their Slogan is KHJ Here We Are Powerful S [S mean supporters]

5) Water
a) Sparkling Mineral Water Luxury Saint Geron -> High-End Mineral Water

b) Italian Alps Luxury Mineral Water AZZURRA -Low in Sodium,Good for Health Maintence

c) Premium Water VOSS Norway

d) French Detox Water Detox HYDROXYDASE - Good for fatigue & hangovers


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  1. Many thanks for Miclub for everything they're done for our dear, Hyun Joong...We will be together to support HJ everywhere and everytime as possible as we can...