Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Donate to Increase Digital Ranking!


Sorry but I'm no longer taking any donations.

Thank you so much to those who donated.


  1. hi i would like to donate. roughly how much would be significant / helpful?

  2. ^ 1 Download = 1000 Korean Won

    But any amount is greatly appreciated (:

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  5. i think its imposible.tru bank so western

  6. It's possible to send from bank to bank. But what bank are you using?

  7. Hi, Rene
    I want to donate but I dont have paypal acc :(
    Do you have mastercard acc :)

  8. hi, for paypal account which country im going to send it to? singapore right? and i'll just have to put you're email ad.? Ive never send money via paypal before so pls help me out on this. thanks

  9. My mastercard account POSB Savings 209-67124-7

  10. For Paypal,
    to: khjgalaxy@live.com
    And then the amount
    Yes, to Singapore
    (although I don't think you need to add this)

  11. Hi Rene,
    I want to donate but i dont have paypal account and the banks in my country dont accept to tranfer foreign currency from Vietnam to another country if i dont have required liquidate letter.
    So, Maybe i'll commision my friend tranfer.
    Do you have any bank account? If you have, can you send me some informations:
    - Account holder name
    - Bank name
    - Bank account number
    - Bank address
    - SWIFT code
    I really want to donate, so, plz answer me. U may answer me hear or send to my email: camyla26@gmail.com
    Really really thank you :)

  12. Can I buy the voucher/coupon for dl and give u the registration number? I also want to help. Btw, imfrom Canada. Email me @ foxypnay@yahoo.com. Thanks

  13. only downloading Break Down helps? or downloading the whole Break Down album help too? i have only downloaded Break Down. let me know if downloading other songs in the Break Down album helps, thanks.

  14. Download 'Break Down' alone will do.

    When he starts to promote'Kiss Kiss', then download 'Kiss Kiss'.