Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Streaming Rules *REVISED*

Source: Tutorials by Miclub KHJ + Clarification with Korean Fans

First of all, let's take a look at Mnet M!Countdown Chart Calculation...

Album Sales 10%  
Digital Sales 40%  
Real-Time Digital Chart 15%
Mnet Online Voting 15% [Mnet Korea + Mnet Japan]
Professional Music Judges Score 10%
Live Mobile Voting 10%

So what is the difference between Digital Sales and Real-Time Digital Chart ?

Real-time is count by hour - 00:00 to 24:00
Real-time 00:00 - 24:00 does not add up to the Day Chart.

Day Chart of Monday-Sunday add up to Weekly Chart. 
Weekly Chart of various digital sites add up to Digital Sales. 

Since they are two different charts. The way they're counted also differs.

Day Chart 
-Counts the 1st streaming of each song within 1 day for each account
--This applies to all digital sites

Real-Time Chart

a) Mnet
-Every hour stream the song(s) 1 time
For example, to be counted into Real-time 14:00
-Login from 13:00
-Stream 'Please' once
-Delete playlist
-Log out before 14:00
-Exist M!Player

-When the mini album is released next week
 For example
-Stream 'Please' once
-Stream 'Break Down' once

-Log out before 11.50pm KST
-Login again after 1am KST

2) Soribada

-Can repeat the same song 
--Click on 

-Listen to the entire playlist
-Do not mute/skip/pause
-If your connection died or you mute/skip/pause
--Clear playlist and log out
-Do not leave messages

-Log out before 11.50pm KST
-Login after 12.30am KST 

*Can stream using the same computer with different browsers for different cards at the same time*
*Cannot stream using different computers or browsers with same card at the same time*



  1. so it doesn't matter how much we stream the max counted will only be 1 time for the whole day and 1 time per real time(per hr)?

  2. cuz ppl on twitter keep just just stream as many as you can etc. but yeah thanks for the reply

  3. For Soribada, the person from MiClub who made the tutorial @woojusin0606 said CANNOT turn on the repeat button at all. That we should just load the playlist full of Break Down and stream...when we want to log-out, just clear list and log-out. When we re-login, we load a fresh playlist again.
    Can you please clarify?

  4. A fan asked Soribada on Twiitter. Soribada said it's not neccessary to make a playlist. Can just turn on repeat.

  5. so does it mean we don't have to logout again and again?? we can stream the whole day, just clik the loop button???

  6. ^Just click on the repeat button will do.

  7. Non-Korean can no longer get a plan on Mnet, so we can no longer stream the full songs. I wanted to ask if streaming the 1 minute long samples counts for the real-time charts as well?

  8. ^ 1 minute does not count into the chart

  9. Thanks. So basically, non-Koreans have no change to help their groups with the Mnet real-time chart? :(