Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More on the Letter Hyun Joong Wrote

Source: Gelzone
Translation: khjgalaxy

'Today wanted to perform to let everyone see that this is Kim Hyun Joong. Through showcase, everyone can see the musical side of me, but my heart cannot fully express myself hence pluck up courage and prepared this letter.'' said Hyun Joong

Then Hyun Joong walked to the front of the stage and took out the letter and told the fans 'The content won't make you cry so don't cry'. He began 'Meet everyone for exactly 6 years. During this long period of time, everyone didn't change and believe and support this man called Kim Hyun Joong.'

He revealed 'At the same time while preparing the album, looking back at the road I had walked,even though it has not been very long. Being with me is really important, giving me protection. Having to do all the things alone. The burden built up, to overcome all these, is not an easy thing'

He said 'The past 1 year, saw many fans fought and misunderstood, I didn't said a word and only looked at this scenario, felt that actually I'm also a helpless person.'

Controlling his tears, he continued reading 'But hope that when everyone watch and listen to my album and feel blessed. From today onwards, hope that everyone shall smile more and be more blessed. Not mine but everyone's album. Today want to tell everyone here from the bottom of my heart thank you, I love you all. Thank you so much. I love you all.' His tears with the fans' worried cheers dropped at the same time.


  1. I love you too Kim Hyun Joong. And ‎​☺:)тh∂йк γoù:)☺ for your hard work

  2. Every time I watch this video clip, can't help my teary eyes. KHJ is a person blessed with perfect looks, good talents, natural charisma, & most of all a BIG HEART filled with honest sincere LOVE for everyone. He had touched the hearts of many, for being humble in spite of his God gifted personality. Kim Hyun Joong you're such a unique human being, thanks for being YOU.