Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fan Account of Mnet Comeback Stage

Translation: khjgalaxy

1) All kinds of fans

At the end, around 350 fans were allowed to enter the live recording. According to my observation, roughly 25% Korean fans, 35% Chinese fans, 30% Japanese fans, 10% Southeast Asian fans. Keyeast even brought a staff who speaks Japanese to the scene to help translate.

Mnet 's studio is small, much smaller than the other 3 stations. Only standing zone, no seats. So normally live broadcast can only hold around 200 fans. This means normal stages, without adjustments, can only hold a maximum of 200 fans. Will elaborate on this later.

Queue, write number and check name during this timing-11pm, 4am, 8.30am, 11.30am, 2pm.

On Hyun Joong fans' age range. Most are noona and mother fans. Other than those stars who have debuted for quite a while. The rest of their fans are 13-23 years old.

2) Special Treatment

M!Countdown made a big adjustment and allowed 300 fans in. 4 angle stage! From what I know, only Yamapi used a 4 angle stage on M!Countdown before.

For 'Please', only the second part was recorded with the fans which was what you saw on the 4 angle stage. Recorded twice. 'Let Me Go' seems to be a broadcast live but didn't see Oppa during the end of broadcast.
So maybe 'Let Me Go' was pre-recorded as well. Anyway 'Please' & 'Break Down', the change of outfit and the first part were pre-recorded. [Pre-recorded means without the fans as audience] The subbed cheering were as loud as ours.

3) Oppa
Once on stage, he was very serious. Didn't even have time to wave at us. Stand on position and listen to the PD's cue and prepared for recording. I think that he must be nervous. PD told us to scream even louder during the climax of 'Please' to fit the effects. So what you saw during the 'Boom Boom', the audience screamed out loud. During the 2nd recording, Cody unnie came to tidy his outfit, tucked his shirt into his pants. So the audience went crazy. Upon seeing the fans' reactions, Hyun Joong laughed.

Fans were cheering 'Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong'. Atmosphere was great! Then Hyun Joong bowed to all 4 sides of the side and left. Due to the age range, very few people there called him Oppa. Most called him Hyun Joong. Japanese fans called him Leader. Maybe because it's rare to hear people calling him Oppa three times in a row, he looked at me and we shared eye-contact with 2 seconds.

Kim Hyun Joong, daebak!

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