Friday, April 15, 2011

15/4 FC MEN Peace Cup Soccer Match Live Updates

Rella 3:31pm KST:
[Hyun Joong is here, standing on the hilltop outside the field watching the match,wearing grey outfit and black hat. Chatting with his team mates.  Relaxed. Very cut]

Rella 3:38pm KST
[ The child actor who played Eun Jo came, Hyun Joong brought him to greet everyone else]

Yoonhoyuner 4.45pm KST
[Hyun Joong was watching the children dancing during the opening while the others were practising =.=]

Rella 5:34pm KST
[First half basically was suppressed by the opponents, Hyun Joong finally scored, but the referee did not count the goal because it was offside. Just now in the forbidden zone, someone pass the ball to him, but the ball hit his hand, hence was awarded a hand ball yellow card. First half 0:0]

6.30pm KST
Ended! FC Men won by 1: 0!

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