Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Story behind the Tutorials

Why did I do these tutorials

When we take a subject or a course, there's always this called syllabus.
We refer to the syllabus to know what type of questions the exam paper may set on.
If you studied the wrong syllabus, you may have wasted your time studying on the wrong topics
and you may not be able to answer the exam paper and do well.
The Budget is meant to be like a syllabus for the 3 music shows.
So that we would not waste our time and money doing the wrong things.

The Budget also aims to give the readers a realistic idea of how much is needed to top the charts.
Since it's a tutorial so the tone is persuasive. However our money are in our own pockets.
We make the ultimate decision how much we want to spend on his comeback.
We do not have the rights to make a critique whether it is right or wrong to spend too little or too much.
Besides how much is too little or too much depends on each individual.
Never in the tutorial have I wrote that everyone must buy at least hundred copies of the album
and spend 100 000 Korean Won above on downloads and streaming coupons. Never.
I did made some suggestions. However the ultimate decision still lies on the owner of the purse.

I'm 19 and a full-time student. There're a lot of times I wish I'm noona fans(fans who are older than him).
Then I will have the freedom and job to fund my trip to Korea or even attend his overseas events.
Then if he will to come to my country, I will be able to afford the first-row tickets.
Noona fans have more purchasing power hence there are fans who hope that he can attract more noona fans.
The only time they wish he can attract more young fans is just to show that the fandom is diversified.
I really dislike the feeling that because of age, financial status, I cannot do this or that.
That's why I did the tutorials despite knowing that someone is bound to do anyway.
I did it because this is the only way I know how to be useful in the fandom. I did not do for Kim Hyun Joong.
I did it for myself, for my conscience of someone who claims to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

Moreover I do not wish to be over-reliant on Korean fans.
They have a lot of things to do. We only have Mnet Online Voting to vote.
Korean fans have Mnet Live Voting, Music Bank's Viewers' Choice and Inkigayo's Voting.
International fans can only register for two digital sites- Mnet & Soribada.
Korean fans can register for all five digital sites. Moreover they have to go to events to support him.

When Kim Hyun Joong wins an award, he thanks his fans.He did not specifically thank only the Korean fans.
The honour is shared by all fans, then the efforts should not rely on just a small group of people.

Ask yourself these questions
Why do you think Kim Hyun Joong is popular?
Why do the non-Kim Hyun Joong fans, even the antis think he is popular?
Why must be popular? Why win? Why?


  1. I understand your point, serene22, I too would do in anyway help fans to understand the process if it is the only way I could help fans. If fans would like to buy many albums then share with other fans that is their own option. I do a lot of sharing links to other fans. Seeing Kim Hyun Joong win is always a nice thought. I also love the idea of making him always win in polls it is because it is a popularity poll. Then if the poll is an acting award then it then the best people to judge should be the award giving body other than the fans. If others have another opinion than so be it and please leave others in what they wish to do!

  2. Some forum administrators have become abusive with their own words...spreading their dirt in their own playground. I find it so unlikely. Sometimes, it confuses me, why spread dirt to a person to which you have created your site for...^^ Can someone make me understand again because there seem to be so many inconsistencies already...

  3. Ehh actually my name is s2rene.
    serene22 is someone else =.=''

  4. Every forum, blog or website, has their own rule and purpose. Not all have convergent goals.
    People choose to do what they believe is right. And this tutorial is just one of many ways to support him. I find it totally useful to bring Hyun Joong to the top by this and I will follow it to the end. If you dont, why do you still spend so much time persuading other people to give it up, and trying to humiliate others.
    There is no use at all. Spare time and make his comeback successful

  5. Well said Ms Pearl. And even if I don't follow the suggestions to the letter, I appreciate the thought that comes with them. But I must say I am grateful for all these clever ideas. Usually antis are a smaller, albeit louder group. I read a lot and don't usually comment but felt I shd this time. Thx again for your thoughtful and clever suggestions.

  6. S2rene or rene, I really appreciate what you are doing for Kim Hyun Joong. Keep on doing what you think can help kim hyun joong. I love what you're doing, you're a true fans. thanks again.

  7. So sorry again, s2rene. I have seen other serene ids, I find it unique so I concluded they are one person.^^ I can feel how much you care so much for Kim Hyun Joong no matter what...Let us enjoy all the fangirling stuff we love to do even if we have various ways of doing it. I share the same way of fangirling you do except doing translations. I wish I could do that someday. When it comes to blogging, I help bloggers in anyway I can.^^ Always keep up the good work and continue doing what you enjoy doing!^^