Sunday, April 24, 2011

Attention to all living in Mainland China, Hong kong & Taiwan!!!

Source: Magic贤
English Translation: khjgalaxy

Note: This is just a summary. The whole notice is too long =.=

This is a group purchase with the various sites to pre-order Kim Hyun Joong's upcoming album.

In partnership with Perfect (Korea),the participating sites are

Mainland China
-Magic 贤
-China Mother Fans QQ:19860606

Hong Kong
-Charisma!-HK DoubleS Club

-Kim Hyun Joong Taiwan Fanclub
-SS501 Fanclub

Order directly with the recording/distributing company.

This group purchase is to increase the album sales, for those who don't really care, please ignore this.

For those interested, please proceed to your chosen site for more details.


  1. I too wanna pre-order but I live in Malaysia... it'd be great if you can let me know if there's any such activities over here... Thx.

  2. ^ Frankly I'm not sure =.= But the participating fansites will put out a notice to inform their members. So maybe you can check the Malaysian fansites. If I have more information, I will inform you (:

  3. Thanks for the heads up Rene... I'm also following you on twitter - u're a real gem. =)