Friday, April 15, 2011

Jae Joong mentioned Hyun Joong

Source: DBSK Nights + hellokpop

Lived Together with Kim Hyunjoong, Living Alone Now.
Q: So you’ve lived together with “Boys Before Flowers” Kim Hyunjoong.”
“Until the end of last year, for about 1 year, we lived together. And at the beginning of this year we moved, Hyunjoong to Chungdamdong and I to Jamshil.”
Q: How did [you come to know] Hyunjoong?
“I got to know him before debut out of coincidence. After that, we have been close friends throughout.”
Q: There must be points on which “men of warmth” (T/N: attractive men) connect.
“It’s not that… (laugh). I met Hyunjoong for the first time, and I felt a bit sorry for him. He looked fine, the way he’s shaped, but he looked a bit like a loner. (laugh) So my heart went out to him even more.”

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