Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clarification of FC Men List

First of all, some of the names are in romanized form.
If you don't know what romanized form is,
then kindly check up about it before you complaining about the name.

Second, the information colum is not from the soccer site.
It 's based on my own research-well specifically their profiles on Naver.
As Kim Hyun Joong 's full-time soccer player, it's a joke I played on my own idol.
Well I thought everyone should be able to tell it's a joke. Guess I was wrong...

Third, I have deleted my post on it. Hope that those who repost it can do the same.
Because I really really HATE it when people who are not aware of the real situation
come and find faults on something I spend time doing.

Rest assured I won't never play such a joke EVER again


  1. Hmn... me thinks that was some pretty cool joke! kekeke


  2. I found it cute & funny from the first bad that there are people criticized u on that...

    Be strong my dear, just want you to know that ur hard work is alws highly appreciated ^^ be yourself alws...we are fans of a great 4D guy, rmb?

  3. the first time i read it, i know its supposed to be a joke. Some People need not be upset about this.

  4. Hi serene22, your blog has always been one of those blogs that I always walk into everyday. I feel your love and dedication in this blog for Kim Hyun Joong especially when you make the translations. I saw some asking questions but perhaps it was merely asking questions and not how it was translated. I even thought it was done deliberately in the original. I also thought it was a joke by the man himself because he may want to be recognized as passionate player instead of this very gorgeous we adore. There will always be misinterpretations and maybe they are just new fans. I consider Kim Hyun Joong fans to be very lucky because there are so many fans like you who are very kind to share their translations with other fans.^^

  5. ^ Thanks but my name is not serene22...She is someone else...not me =.= Well I do not wish to have further misunderstandings hence I request the list to be deleted.

  6. Hey, for what its worth, just wanted to let u know I knew it was a joke right away and had a good laugh over it. Thx for being such a dedicated fan of hyun joong... Really appreciate all that u're doing and hv done... Pls keep up the amazing work! 

  7. well, we're sorry if some commented on what was written on the info about Leader.......we're just surprised and we never think it's a joke from you........and we comment as a joke too, and not to critisized you.
    I'm a regular reader of your blog and thank you very much for your endless support to our one and only KHJ. I love him that much...I'm just a noona already........I understand your feelings.
    Just continue what you have started and we are here to support you!
    More power and good luck!

  8. hey, I am actually one of the people that reposted your blog into other KHJ thread.
    That was an adorable and interesting post...
    The first time I read it I was smiling like a goofball cause I definitely agree with you at some level
    HyunJoong really looks like a full time soccer player when he played with FC men.
    anyway dont worry too much about some people, fans just sometimes get hyper over details...

    anyway I think it just goes to show that people are quite excited for MAY when hyunjoong will become a FULL TIME IDOL again with fullpacked and much awaited album launch as solo artist...!!!!

  9. keep up your good work, RENE!

    don't mind and think of it anymore......there are more people believing in you, so stay as sweet as you are...

    good luck to your studies!


  10. Mianhae, s2rene for always mixing up the spelling of your id. What does your id mean? It looks very unique and I assumed that all serene's are the same. I will always support all bloggers because it is difficult to maintain a blog and it takes much more time to translate. Keep it up!^^

  11. ^ S2 is supposed to look like a heart =.=

    Rene is my nickname. You can call me Rene ^^

  12. Nevermind those ppl, Rene! I'd a good laugh when I saw it cos afterall, KHJ does play wholeheartedly, just like a full-time pro... Don't let the comments make you feel down cos there are others who appreciate your joke and not take everything with such seriousness! So keep up with your good work of updating us with the latest updates of darling KHJ. Take care, dear!

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