Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Vote for BaekSang Popularity Award


Must check your ID is available or not

Must fill in all the 3 blanks. Spread it out

* The rest
Anyhow choose

Vertification within 10 days

[Credit: sweetsunny06 @ Twitter]
Use your mobile to go to any of these websites
Japan -
China -
Malaysia -
Singapore -
Thailand -
Philippines -

Just change the location to the country that you're in.

Click on poll

Scroll down to Kim Hyeon Jung and click on poll


An account can vote a maximum of 10 times within a day.

10 votes cost US$4.99. Pay through Mastercard/Visa.

Voting ends on 23 May.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently 2nd with a gap of 23.3%.


  1. Can I vote from PC?

  2. ^ Unfortunately we can't. We can only vote through mobile.

  3. I hv voted twice already for yest (which was just minutes ago) and today. But I can't be certain if my votes were counted or helped as the votes I casted didn't change HJ's percentage. I'll continue voting as much as I can afford. Oh one thing caught my attn: the voting supposedly ends on may 23 but the awards ceremony is supposed to tk place on may 13. How is that so?

  4. I think the Baeksang awards is on the 23rd.Cannot vote thru PC?? Then too bad, I wont be able to vote then.I hope he wins.

    Traciee,few votes cannot bring about a big change.But if all votes are combined even that few votes will make a big difference. Thanks for your effort. KHJ will definitely appreciate all that we are doing for him.

  5. The award ceremony is on 26 May.

    Like what anonymous said, we're not the only ones voting. As we vote, our opponents are voting as well. Hence we need to vote more than our opponents to closen the gap

  6. Traciee, where are you from? It takes 10 days to confirm your registration so how did you vote yesterday? I am still waiting for my confirmation.

  7. ^ Traciee is from Malaysia.

    Actually it does not take 10 days but within 10 days to receive the vertification mail. So some people may receive it earlier depending on the type of mail they used

  8. hmmm...this sounds a bit strange but actually I managed to vote when I just key in the website for malaysia as written above (i just click on the link tweeted by Sunny). They asked for an email confirmation, so i just entered my email and whatever password that i wished. then i went back to the main page and voted - all i did was enter my credit card details, after which they gave me 10 votes per transaction of $4.99. i hv voted twice - i even checked my credit card today and the transactions for the korean website was recorded. So although I don't see it reflected - I guess i must have voted....rite?