Friday, April 8, 2011

Voting [15th Chinese Music Awards]

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Kim Hyun Joong's Chinese Name is 金贤重

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He's currently no.2 behind Jang Geun Suk.
1 IP can only vote once per hour

I'm actually quite reluctant to share about this.
Because this award ceremony is on the 15th of April.  Same day as his soccer match.
So he 's defintely not going to attend this award ceremony.
The organizer has stated clearly from the start that the winner will perform on stage.
How is he going to win this award if he 's unable to attend to perform?
If you 've been voting, you'll realise that Hyun Joong's votes is increasing at a much slower rate than Jang.
Is it because we have fewer people voting for him? No.
The winner of vote is predetermined not to be him.
So no matter how hard you vote, he's not going to win.
But the choice is still up to you...

Since we are on the topic of popularity,
I shall copy & paste on what I ranted about popularity awards last night on Twitter =.=
Imagine if you don't know anything about this award, that the winner has to perform so has to do attend.
One day you read on AKP that Jang won a popularity award on a Chinese music award show.
What 'll you think about his popularity in China?
You may form an impression that Jang is quite popular in China. That's the effect of popularity awards.
Why do the non-fans think that Kim Hyun Joong is popular?
Isn't it because they read dozen of news of how he won popularity awards?
No point in having just the fans thinking that he's popular. The non-fans have to think that way too.
Then the brand producers would also form an impression that he's popular
hence they 'll hire him to be their product model.
That's when the REAL popularity comes in. The fans will go & support these brands.
To attend those music shows, you have to quene overnight.
My friend came back & told me korean fans would buy Hotsun to eat.
Korea has so many chicken outlets, why buy from Hotsun? Only Hotsun chicken is nice to eat?
No, it is to support him, to increase the sales revenue.
So that the producers will know he is an effective model.
But when you start winning, you have to maintain the winning steak, if not it means your popularity drips.
We can afford not to win Baeksang if we can back it up with number 1 on music shows. 
But we can not afford not to win anything. His popularity alarm will start to turn red.
Fans in chinese is 饭 which also means rice.
It's a pun saying fans are the ones proving their celebrities rice to eat.
Someone once said that when a celebrity has antis then he is considered famous.
But a celebrity's power comes from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong got to where he is today by his hard works.
As fans we did what we can do to support him all the way. So I don't care what people may say about us.
I can raise my head high and say the dozen popularity awards that Kim Hyun Joong received,
I helped to contribute my time and efforts and that is not something money can buy.
His fandom is one which takes voting and awards seriously.
If you don't give a damn about these, you 're more suitable for a fandom that don't care about these things.


  1. Thanks s2rene for sharing and updating about HJ's
    Agree with you. I'll support him all the way...
    I can't vote at CMA. Can't access the site
    Though it's load,it turns blank right after
    i click voting button!
    Jang's votes increased so fast, wonder why??

  2. I want to make him win even if we know he is unable to go and perform. He is still at the point of completing his album, if we must remember so me really don't want to see him sing his old songs but I still want to make him win. but there is something wrong with the poll again...another YB thingy?!?!...

  3. Yeah.. I get what you are saying.KHJ's votes is hardly increasing while JKS is racing every hour. Do we have less voters? Nope, coz every poll I am voting currently even minor ones, KHJ is leading all the way. And every poll even in China have him first or way ahead of JKS.Why does JKS always have to win fame in a controversial way? I think thats one guy I can never think of in a respectable way.

  4. Like I said, the winner of this voting is predetermined. So how matter how hard we vote, the results will still indicate that we have less votes. :/

  5. It is a YAHOO CMA game/manipulation again...shame on them!^^

  6. haha..loooserrr......

  7. jang geun suk forever!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. smell fishy there, poor KHJ. I'm not KHJ fan but look at the choice over there, he is the best haha

  9. Being in showbusiness i believe KHJ knows all this and if he does not care and chooses to go play soccer instead of attending the awards so that he can have a fair chance to win, why are you KHJ fans complaining ? He does not care about the award, so it is fair to give to someone who care about it

  10. I'm not a dictator who would say only fans of Kim Hyun Joong can come to Kim Hyun Joong fansites. But I'll really appreciate it if you will to stop putting words into my idol's mouth and into our mouths!

  11. Yeah.. There is One Person who cares a Lot about the Awards.. And is shameless enough to get recognized whether by Hook or by Crook.. The Yahoo Buzz and not his Drama made him recognized more.. He does care A LOT about Wining Awards.. and was so eager to accept the Invitation immediately.. Must have rubbed his hands in GLee.. Woohoo!! Am getting another Award.. Just by attending it.. What an Honour!!!

    KHJ's popularity is not going to get affected whether he attends it or not.. He probably didnt like the deal that came with the Award.." ATTEND OR ELSE LOSE THE AWARD".. He's like what the Hell, I already attended the ASIAN GAMES as Korea's Representative.. I dont need that kind of publicity.. So Cheap!!!

    JGS needs to still establish his status firmly in China ( I read that in JGS blog) and yet, he already receiving so many Chinese Votes... When JGS and EELS want something..They leave no stone untured even if it means losing their self respect.. One can have fame but lose a lot of respect.. Congrats JGS, you have just done that.. Just think of JGS winning a Chinese "MUSIC" Award and lets hear all the Korean Singers who have already estsblished themselves roar in laughter..!!!

  12. Hmm. The comments here just show how fans from the 2 camps are at loggerheads with each other..Sigh..

  13. Dear JGS fans, we never visit your blogs and for what reason...I am confused why you have to come over here and leave comments here. It is unfortunate that because of the YB thing, you have developed a reputation and hope that you try to change that but a another one will make your fandom even worse than it already is...sorry to say that!...

  14. You dont have to agree with me on this, but to a certain extent, attending award ceremonies is sort of like part of the job of a star, you can choose not to do it, but you do not have to put it as "cheap publicity" and use harsh words for the person who does it. If it is really "cheap publicity", then it should not matter at all and why use harsh words.
    Reading this, my personal opinion, i still have good respect for KHJ, but not so much for hyunnies and Fans of KHJ who put his competitiors down.

  15. My personal view, to stars, attending awards is sort of like part of their job, you can choose not to do it, but you dont have to say harsh words to the person who does it. If it is "cheap publicity", then why take it to heart and use such harsh words ? You dont have to agree with me on this, i still have great respect for KHJ, but not for his fans who put his competitors down.

  16. I still have great respect for KHJ, but not for his fans who put his competitors down, poor show of sportsmanship

  17. attending award cermony is sort of like part of a star's job, you can choose not to do the job, but you dont have to demean the person who does it. My personal opinion, you dont have to agree with me on this.

  18. JGS fans just so PATHETIC...
    what a shame...

  19. it was okay if KHJ didn't win this coz he already popular all over asia unlike someone *coughjgscough*

  20. Actually coming to KHJ's blog and calling us LOSERS when the voting itself has not yet ended means the EELS acknowledge that there is some underhand means involved right? They are quite confident of winning it even before the results are announced.

    Its not only these two fandoms who are at loggerheads. The Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin fans are also not having their fair chance of competing in this poll.




    The other stars dont have a fair chance of winning just because they have other commitments? And you guys are so excited for winning because there is no other competitors?

    You guys maybe very smug about your fandom but remember other fans are not stupid too. The Yahoo Buzz was the starting point. Many people know what happened but only the KHJ fans objected because we were the wronged ones.Others were merely watching.Now in this CMA awards, the injustice is being spread to the Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin fans too. And when their idols are wronged, you know passionate fans get. Two controversies in 6 months. What does that say?

    Now there are going to be more polls and awards. And it will not always be with KHJ. Dont you think the other fans are going to question your credibility as their idols are competing too.

    Thats what is called reputation. Once you make an impression, it will be very difficult to shed it off.

    And please dont come here and call us losers when you know exactly how you are winning this award. We are not protesting about KHJ not getting the award because he doesnt need it for popularity but the unfair way in which JGS receiving the award. We will bring this to light and let everyone else make their informed judgement.

    And FYI it is not necessary to be present to receive the award. Stars do not attend even grammys but they still get the award because they deserve it.

  22. And FYI, the Football team and the tournament is very important to Hyun joong. Its his dream since his childhood. Since he has already won so many popularity awards that he probably considers football more important than winning an award that a certain someone is so eager of winning.

  23. Nobody is questioning KHJ decision to go for the soccer match if he does not care about the awards, as i said, i still have great respect for KHJ, but not so for his fans who demean his compeitors.

  24. seriously, JGS fans are sooooooooooooo PATHETIC!!!
    just GTFO from here!!!
    what a LOSER!!!

  25. go HYUN JOONG oppa go...
    it's ok if u didn't win this...
    u already popular not only in korea but all over asia too...
    we hyunnies will support u forever =)

    one word for that ugly guy fans(JGS) = PATHETIC

  26. Frankly I don't give a damn whether you don't respect me because I don't respect you nor your fellow fans neither.

    YOU kept hounding on MY blog and kept asserting your assumptions that MY idol does not CARE about this award and prefers to play soccer.

    Your fellow fans said it's demeaning to be in the same CF as Kim Hyun Joong. Now YOU said Kim Hyun Joong fans kept demeaning his competitors. In the same fandom so sings the same song?

  27. Dont try to act smart and try to bring our fans down. What is there to demean a person who is already stooped so low? Cheaters will never be liked wherever you go. Dont compare ur with ur dishonest fandom.

    We respect all the other stars and acknowledge their win.It's only JGS we dont respect and never will. And now, let the others know too how you guys win awards.

  28. Hi.. I just checked out KHJ's chinese website and there are 33,056 members and the KHJ Chinese official s.tina microblogging site has 50,244 fans compared to 19,808 fans for JGS. I am just curious to know how come our votes at CMA not counted. I knew we had more chinese fans than what we are seeing at the poll. And the international fans are also voting. I wasnt sure if the votes were being manipulated or not but I just thought we Hyunnies should know that we do have a lot of Chinese supporters.

    Fighting!! We will do our best!!

  29. I tried to access so many times the CMA poll and I cannot make it as usual...same things happened in YB poll before.......I REALLY WONDER WHY???

    about attending the awards, since before the committee announced that the one who will attend the ceremony will be proclaim as the winner........what's the use of that kind of polls anyway....whether HJ won the award, and he will not attend, he will lose it at all

    for me, even though he will not attend the ceremony will not lessen his popularity.......the more we admire you, KHJ!!!
    you have your reasons for not attending the awards and we will respect it!

    GOOD LUCK TO YOUR NEW SOLO ALBUM!!! We are here, continue supporting you no matter what!

    with or without awards, you're still the # in's already proven!!!

    Good luck to your blog, RENE!

    keep it up!!

  30. so im not the only one who can't access the CMA poll

    everytime i can not vote a voting poll, i can't help but remember the Yahoo Buzz Award incident, i hope fans learn the lesson behind it and please an award without credibility is useless

    some fandom never learn their lesson, and why so defensive ?